To Support the Fight:

We are selling shirts, mugs, and offering gift/donations to support the fight.

Fundraising Goals

“As bad as the worst, as good as the best.” - Walt Whitman

This couldn’t ring any more true. A cancer diagnosis can shake you to your core. The unknown is the hardest part. But, from day “2”, we’ve taken the approach that we will fight this with everything we’ve got.

Upon diagnosis, I immediately enlisted the help of several conventional medical doctors as well as alternative and integrative specialists to fight this disease head-on, with the most cutting-edge therapies.

On the conventional side, I’ve had a “medi-port” placed in my chest where my chemotherapy treatments are administered. I’ve undergone 23 rounds of aggressive chemotherapy. Every other Monday since May ‘23, I’ve had a day of infusions at my local office and I leave with a 46 hour home-infusion pump which continues the chemotherapy until empty. We've consulted with top oncologists from Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, and Allegheny Health Network in Pittsburgh, among others.

I believe my ability to endure these treatments week after week, is at least in-part due to my alternative and integrative therapies. These appointments, therapies, meetings, consults, vitamins & supplements, foods, etc are not covered by American insurance plans. However, I feel they are absolutely critical to conquering this relentless disease. It had the head start, but thanks to the combination of conventional and alternative help, the scans are showing we’re gaining on it.

For this, after 10 months of “fighting”, I’ve been approved for surgery to remove all tumor sites. In short, this procedure will force my family to relocate to Pittsburgh for at least 3 weeks while I undergo the procedure, the recovery, and the rehabilitation necessary to return stronger than ever.

The financial toll we’re facing with this fight is great, but I believe my circle is greater.

Everything I've ever done has been "different". With that said, we've spent hours trying to decide the best way to "ask for a little help", and for me personally, the GoFundMe route just didn't seem fitting for my story, at least in this chapter. As someone who has never reached out for help, I’ve found this to be a challenge. However, I believe we’ve found a way to offer my supporters a true immediate value and a way to continue to show their support for my fight day-in, day-out.

These purchases, although not tax-exempt, will be placed directly into a dedicated account where we will be able to draw funding for travel and lodging, as well as continued conventional and integrative/alternative therapies as we continue our battle with this chronic disease.

Each shirt sold will yield ~$12-15 of profit toward our fundraising goals.

My long-time friend Chris Hargrave has graciously donated his time for the artwork on the pieces we’re offering, and I cannot thank him enough.

We’re very proud of these products and feel this is a great way to spread the word and allow others to help support our fight.

We got this.

- Casey