1 Year
It’s tattooed on my inner left forearm. “Victory favors the prepared.” I see it every day. I chose it because I believe it’s one of the shortcuts in life. One of those tendencies that seem to weigh true more often than not.

Today is 1 year from the day some things in my life changed. April 18 2023. Being blindsided by a cancer diagnosis at 36 years old wasn’t exactly how I saw it playing out, but I would’ve bet on more struggle coming my way. That’s life. That’s the promise. It’ll be hard and tough but if you prepare for it, your odds of victory will .. WILL… be greater.

Preparation leads to victory. Victory allows for progression. And, progression through the flames creates grit. With the next pass, you’ll be stronger and more ready to withstand the challenge. I’m not sure grit makes the challenge easier, but it damn sure increases those odds of victory.
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