Victory favors the Prepared

If you know anything about me, you'll know I'm wealthy. How'd I become wealthy? Investing.

Now, I have a few tips to share with you to ensure similar success.

1. Start early. Start now.

2. Find a good coach.

3. Find some luck.

Imagine a metaphorical scenario where you're being held at ransom. I'm talking dark room, single swinging light from the ceiling. The barter is - for every dollar in your bank account, you get a minute. One dollar = One minute. Now, I promise every one of us would wish we had a few more dollars in our account than we had, right?

Now.... what if I said, it's not about money.

This isn't a conversation about financial wealth. But, if there's one shiny little golden nugget of truth I've unearthed through a year with cancer, it's that investing in oneself yields the most significant, lifelong dividends.

Think about it. Why do we chase after money? Is it the freedom or security it promises?

The ultimate test won't be about our wealth but about our resilience, our capacity to endure the unexpected storms of life.

It's the premise and essence of preparation – not for conflict but for life's unforeseeable challenges. Every exercise training session, every moment of self-reflection, and every decision made in favor of health and well-being is an investment. An investment not in the financial sense, but in building a resilient, enduring spirit capable of withstanding life's vicissitudes.

So, yes... for this, I am wealthy.

Imagine life as a game where the time spent in the market, the quality of coaching, accessibility to resources, and yes, a dash of luck, significantly extend your playtime. But here's where the metaphor of money and investing truly comes into play: it's all about building your resilience, your "bankroll," minute by damn-precious minute. Because when those critical moments arise – and they will – you'll wish you had every second of preparation, every bit of strength and endurance, to lean on.

So, let's reframe the conversation. Let's talk about investing in the currency of life – our health, our mindset, our spirit. Because, at the end of the day, the most significant investment we can make is in ourselves, ensuring that no matter what life throws our way, we have the resilience to face it head-on with a smile.

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