PROOF OF LIFE 5/1/24 👊 Still not allowed food or water by mouth. (Since 4/24) Waiting on a few organs to reboot from the anesthesia. It happens and they account for it. Thanks to my incredible wife, I was able to take the closest thing to a shower I could ask for and get out of a gown for the first time tonight - deodorant, a toothbrush, and some contacts are undervalued. Unhooked from ALMOST everything. I have a NG tube in my nose down to my belly sucking stuff out since my stomach isn’t ready to party yet and a regular IV. This morning, we attempted a test this morning to see if I can get the NG removed and we failed. Trying again in the morning. This will be my 7th night in ICU, but I’m cleared to down-step as soon as a room opens.

37 staples on Thursday and I’m no no pain meds today. Medical science is wild, and nurses are real life angels. 👈

THANK to everyone who has reached out and to who hasn’t. Everyone speaking to whomever they pray to for me. I’m brought tears just typing the words. Thank you.

This is a rebirth. Life FUCKIN RIPS. 🫶
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