No Evidence of Disease
UPDATE: April 25th, I had a massive surgery to remove several cancerous tumors from various locations in my abdomen. The surgery was 100% successful. I had a 12” midline incision from my belt line to my sternum with 38 staples holding all the goodies back in. During the 7 hour surgery, they were able to perform a bowel resection (which luckily did not result in an ostomy), liver resection, and removal of my omentum among a few other procedures, effectively removing all tumors.

I spent the next 8 nights in the ICU with mostly no bumps, for a few additional nights I was released to general population then released to our hotel.

I’ve been making a great recovery, ahead of almost every schedule. So much that, during this mornings follow up, I had my staples removed and they released me to go back home - a week sooner than anticipated. I plan to sleep for about a month…. 💤

I’m sore and beat up and have some recovery ahead of me, but felt almost no pain or discomfort throughout the entire process surprisingly.

During our post-operative meeting, our lead surgeon assured Lindsey and I that I’m considered “No Evidence of Disease”.

Over the next few weeks, we will be drawing up the next attack — which will probably be “clean up” chemo to assure none of these pesky fuckers are hiding anywhere now that their motherships are gone.

Feel free to ask questions if you have them. I’m an open book. 👊

All I can say is “thank you”.
- Casey
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